Online Onboard

Instruction for designing and teaching online courses
AMS Online Onboard

Online Onboard supports instructors of AMS-affiliated teacher education programs in learning how to design and teach online courses.

Getting Started Online

This class focuses on best practices for designing and developing online learning courses. It balances an understanding of the pedagogy of online learning with practical applications in Canvas, our learning management system. The class is cohort-based, so learners move through the class together.      

For: Instructors in AMS-affiliated teacher education programs 
Time commitment: 6 weeks | 7 – 10 hours per week 
CPD hours: 12
Cost: $75.00

Upcoming Start Dates
  • January 17, 2022

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Online Onboard: Teaching Online

For: Learners who have completed Online Onboard: Getting Started 

Cost: None* 

This self-paced class will provide techniques and technology for teaching online, moving from the design phase to the teaching phase.

Learn time-saving strategies, building teacher presence, and technology as a tool for interacting and providing feedback to students. 

*Learners who have completed Getting Started Online Onboard are automatically enrolled in Online Onboard: Teaching Online. 

Introduction to Online Learning

This self-paced class was created for you to share with your current and future online learners. The class provides information on how to prepare for being successful as an online learner. It also includes information about using Canvas. This class does not require enrollment and is available at no cost. It is available by sharing the link below.

Introduction to Online Learning

For: Adult Learners

Cost: None