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Positive Discipline
Chip DeLorenzo will present strategies for taking your skills to new, Montessori-friendly depths through the use of Positive Discipline, which teaches that for discipline to be effective, it must—among other things—be kind, firm, and respectful; and invite children to discover how capable they are.
Classroom Assistants and You: Cultivating Healthy Relationships
Our presenter will walk you through concrete steps to take for building a checklist for your assistant to follow, when and how to allow your assistant to take on greater responsibilities in the classroom, and defining and respectfully enforcing boundaries.
Montessori and ADD/ADHD
This webinar will present an examination of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit disorder in children from early childhood to adolescence, with a focus on children in the learning and social environments.
Fundamental Practices of Motivation
In this webinar, you will learn why rewards hinder a student’s natural desire to learn, how praise can be a type of reward, and how this impacts a student’s development and sense of self.
Working with Children in the Natural World
In this video, you’ll learn how you can utilize just one small square of your outdoor space for children to investigate topics of wonder and begin to perceive themselves as scientists.
Cultivating Mindfulness in Infant and Toddler Environments
In this webinar, you will explore techniques to cultivate increased mindfulness in Infant & Toddler environments.

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For New Educators

Community-Directed Language
Aysia Platte shares insights into language that centers disabled and neurodivergent individuals in the classroom.
Specific Learning Disabilities – What Montessorians Need to Know
This session will focus on specific learning disabilities through a Montessori lens. You will learn about benchmarks and flags in the Primary years and how each specific learning disability manifests in the Elementary years alongside Andrée Rolfe
Neuroscience and Physical Development
This video explores the connection between neuroscience and physical development with Dr. Ashley Morris
Curriculum-Based Measures in a Montessori Environment with Lila Yusen
Lila Yusen, MS. Ed. discusses the role of assessments in Montessori Environments.
Working with a Specialist and Children with ASD
This video explores working with a learning specialist to create a supportive, collaborative, and enriching environment for children that are enrolled in a full time Montessori program and diagnosed with Autism.
Strategies for Handling Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom
Challenging behaviors are often a part of working with children. How do we view these in a Montessori way? In this live recording, Maria Eva Chaffin explores the role of the adult and the environment in supporting children with behaviors that challenge us. She answers questions and gives strategies on how to best support these children.

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