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Montessori Aligned Administration: Honoring the Lifelong Learner Part 1: Adaptation
How do we work with adults in a Montessori way? How do we lead, using the same principles we use in our Montessori classrooms? In this learning video, Tess Igarta, Emerging Leaders Fellow, Former Elementary Program Coordinator at Valencia Montessori School and current Interim Director at Ciudad Jardín Montessori… will lead you through part 1 of a three part series on Montessori Aligned Administration.
The Cosmic Program: It's Not Just for Elementary
You will explore how the Cosmic themes develop from seeds planted in Early Childhood into the Great Lessons of Elementary and extensions in Secondary that naturally teach characteristics of gratitude and appreciation, and values such as honesty, fairness, and cooperation.
Materials in the Toddler Environment: Meeting the Needs of the Child
​This presentation will help you assess the needs of children from birth to age three.
Navigating Teacher & Administrative Transitions: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
Whether change is planned or sudden, we need strategies for saying good-bye to those who are leaving (and hello to those we are welcoming) to the community.
Fostering Student Independence
In this session, the presenters will discuss classroom practices that encourage—or undermine—independence.
Art and the Cosmic Curriculum
This presentation explores the interconnected relationship between art and the Montessori cosmic curriculum at the middle school and high school levels.


The Mathematical Mind
In this class, we will refresh your understanding of Montessori’s philosophy on mathematical education. We will explore how math materials support problem solving and healthy brain development.
Creating a Culture for Spontaneous Activity
This Self-Guided online class consists of modules for exploring the foundational principle of Spontaneous Activity in the learning environment.