Montessori Aligned Administration: Honoring the Lifelong Learner Part 1: Adaptation

1.5 CPDs

How do we work with adults in a Montessori way?  How do we lead, using the same principles we use in our Montessori classrooms?  In this learning video, Tess Igarta, Emerging Leaders Fellow, Former Elementary Program Coordinator at Valencia Montessori School and current Interim Director at Ciudad Jardín Montessori… will lead you through part 1 of a three part series on Montessori Aligned Administration.


In Part 1: Adaptation you will familiarize yourself with the process of adapting to your new team as a leader through:


Learning about using observation to better understand your team.

Understanding how practicing patience is essential to cultivating a community

Exploring how consistency and dependability help prepare the environment for your team.


Tess Igarta served as the Elementary Program Coordinator at Valencia Montessori School in Valencia, Spain, serving the community for six years. She is currently the Interim Director at Ciudad Jardín Montessori School in Valencia, Spain. Tess holds an undergraduate degree in Modern Dance Performance and later earned her AMS credential for Elementary I in New York


Recorded 08/18/2021
Recorded 08/18/2021
Certificate of Professional Development
1.50 CPD credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 CPD credits  |  Certificate available